Bespoke Software – Everything you need to know

What is it?

Bespoke software development softwareis a service provided by us which basically means we write you a software application or program developed specifically for you. The application or software will be tailored to your EXACT requirements and generally fulfills or streamlines a particular business process. An application can be anything from a web based program, a program you install on a PC like MS Office, Sage etc, a phone app, company Intranet, database system – even a website.

OK, I understand, why would I need it?

Every business has competition, if you don’t, let us know! Staying ahead of your competition is obviously important and one way this can be achieved is by streamlining your business processes to be more efficient and provide a better service. Off-the-shelf software packages i.e. Sales Force, Excel etc, simply do not meet all companies requirements, sure they work, but are they efficient for your business. This is when businesses use a software house (that’s what we are!) to develop a bespoke application specifically for their needs.

What sort of applications / software can you give me?

This is the best bit, we can give you anything you want! Well, anything that doesn’t break the laws of physics and is legal! On a serious note, we have never yet said no to a customer yet (take that as a challenge). The only limitation is your imagination.

To give you an example, here is a list of some past apps / software / systems we have written:

  • Complete human resources solution – self service holiday/sick leave, clocking system,  time sheet management.
  • Purchase order system – quotes, purchases, authorizations, invoice reconciliation
  • KPI dashboard – Complete sales and targets dashboard for reps and managers – no more excel reporting
  • Mapping Tool – Sales tool to display fuel card sites on a Google map, display sites along a route
  • CRM system – Complete system for sales team (50 employees) bespoke to the businesses industry.

Of course, this is by no means an extensive list, just an example of what some companies have asked for. Every company is different, that is what makes our job fun.

Not convinced yet, here’s why having your own software is a good thing?


  • Bespoke software is easier to use, its designed to work the way you work
  • Bespoke software can do whatever you want it to do, you had a part in designing it. So it helps streamline your business process, solves your problems, integrates your systems, or provides a new product or service for your customers
  • Bespoke software apps can provide your business with a competitive edge – show your competitors just how good you are
  • Flexibility is always available. Your bespoke software application can be modified whenever you require

How we can give you this?

Our developers have been developing for over 10 years so we have made our fair share of mistakes during our time. Benefit of this is that we have learnt from them which has made us better, wiser and more efficient at what we do.

Steps we take on all projects are detailed, logical and concise. We keep you informed at every stage how we are getting on, giving you constant feedback. The software is yours, if you decide to add something we can add it, you want remove something, we remove it.

Our process goes like this:

  1. Project Meeting / Conceptualization
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Testing
  5. Enhancements / Changes
  6. Testing
  7. Implementation
  8. Support

Enhancements and changes can happen during the development process, testing stage, support stage or even 3 years after you have implemented it! That’s the great thing about having your own software.

How much will it cost?

Traditionally, bespoke application development was expensive and used by larger organisations with big budgets. However, development technologies and systems have now improved, we are now able to build new systems much quicker and more cost-effectively.

What next?

If you are still reading this then you already know you could benefit from our services.

Contact Us today for a free, no obligation, fact find on your requirements and we will provide an estimate of the development costs.