Expert Advice

We know we need a new IT system but we don’t know where to start. Can you advise us?

Our current IT system is slow and unreliable? Can you provide us with a more efficient computer system?

Could a better IT system reduce our costs?

Will a new computer network have the flexibility to expand and support the growth of our business?

IT Network Solutions

We are constantly bombarded by “junk” Emails. Can you reduce the amount of SPAM we receive?

The security of our computer network data is a worry for us. Can you help to protect our computer system from viruses and spyware?

Can you help us put a reliable computer network backup system in place?

Can you make it possible for me to work from home?

Can you arrange mobile Email and Calendar Access?

Can we purchase hardware and software from you without support?

Will you take care of all our licensing requirements?

Can you host our and .com domain names?

Network Support

Can we outsource all our IT support needs to Impact Computing?

How do you provide support?

Is there a limit on the number of times we can call you?

Will we need any technical knowledge when we call you for assistance?

Is there a limit on the number of on site engineer visits we are entitled to?

Is there a call out charge for your Network Support?

How experienced are your engineers?

Do you only check our system when a problem occurs?

Do you provide Training?

We already have a computer network. Do you support existing computer systems?

Finance & IT Support Contracts

Can we pay for our Computer Network Support in installments?

Do you offer financial help for IT investments?

Are we tied into a Contract?